Zoom forums for UC employees.

All UC, UCOP, UC, and UC ANR employees are welcome to join these zoom forums. The three of them will be conducted in English.

September 15.

One size does not fit all!Myths, Stereotypes, and Discrimination against Latinos.

The webinar's objective is to educate about implicit bias/unconscious bias, stereotypes, and silent discrimination towards Latinos

Guest speaker: Victor Villegas /Oregon State University/Latino advocate.

Testimonies from:  Christopher Gomez Wong, Beatriz Nobua-Bherman, and Bertha Teresa Felix-Simmons.

Moderator: Ricardo Vela - NOS

About our guest speaker:

Pedro Infantil and Me
 Victor Villegas is the Technology & Media Support Coordinator for the Oregon State University Division of Extension & Engagement. Villegas provides tech support and training for Extension faculty and staff across Oregon.

Born in the US to Mexican immigrant parents, he knows how to straddle two cultures constantly. He is fully bilingual, bicultural, is a diversity, equity, and inclusion advocate, and has a unique passion for engaging Latino/Hispanic youth through K-12 STEAM education.

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September 22.

Indigenous Migrant Communities - “The forgotten ones in the age of COVID-19.”

This forum will spotlight and analyze the experiences and forms of organizing during COVID-19 and its impact on the livelihoods and identities of Indigenous and migrant farmworkers.

comunidades indigenas

COVID-19 has highly impacted indigenous Peoples due to the exclusion of undocumented people from most benefits and other structural inequities in access to health and other resources that affect documented and undocumented people.

Guest speaker: Arcenio López/ Exec. Director Mixtec Indígena Organization Project (MICOP)

Moderator – Ricardo Vela- NOS

About our guest speaker:

606ca686200cde049a945322_2016 Arcenio
  Arcenio J. López is a Mixteco native from the village of San Francisco Higos, in Oaxaca, Mexico. He grew up speaking Mixteco as his primary language and learned Spanish as his second language. When he arrived in Oxnard in 2003, Arcenio worked as a farmworker in the strawberry fields.  In 2006, Arcenio was hired as MICOP’s first Community Organizer. He enrolled at Oxnard College, where he received his Associate Degree in 2008.

Arcenio was hired as the Associate Director of MICOP in 2010. Eventually, he was promoted in 2014 and became the first indigenous Executive Director for the organization. Under his leadership, MICOP has grown and flourished in size, scope, and reach, from adult literacy classes to indigenous youth organizing to a community radio station. Because of his work, MICOP is the trusted voice of the indigenous community and a respected partner to dozens of local and statewide agencies.

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September 29 zoom forum

Meet the HHM 2021 Honorees

Join us to celebrate with the honorees! Meet them, wish them well!

Guest speakers: Katherine E. Soule /Liliana Vega – 4-H; Tuline N Baycal/Leticia Christian – CalFresh Healthy Living, UC; Jairo Diaz/Gilberto Magallon/Gersain Lopez – Desert Rec.

Moderator- Ricardo Vela -NOS


Since 2018 the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources join the Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month celebration by recognizing three Latino professionals who serve their communities while upholding UC ANR's public values of academic excellence, honesty, integrity, and community service. This year the honorees are:

Liliana Vega is a 4-H youth advisor for Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. Vega is an avid advocate for the Latinx community and social justice.

Gersain Lopez loves nature, and at his job, his passion, commitment, and hard work have made him one of the favorite ag technicians at Desert Rec.

Leticia Christian is a CalFresh Healthy Living Educator in Alameda County. She was born to help her fellow humans in her native Cuba as an MD. and here in California as Nutrition Educator. 

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community forums

Zoom forums for the Latino Community

All Spanish speaking person is welcome to join these zoom forums. The three of them will be conducted in Spanish, and there is a limited capacity of 75 attendees.

October 6.

Be better parents, how to make your kid a leader.

Guest speakers: Claudia Diaz – 4-H youth development advisor.

Moderator - Ricardo Vela- NOS.

About the guest speaker:

Claudia Diaz Carrasco is currently serving as an Area 4-H Youth Development Advisor in California's Inland Region. Claudia's primary focus is to develop, implement, evaluate, strengthen, and expand local 4-H programming to serve currently better under-represented populations and places, including Latino and low-income youth.

On a contractual basis, Claudia serves as the Region 10 STEAM Consultant for the California Dept. of Education Expanded Learning Division. Diaz also supports the UC Mexico initiative by providing Mexican partners training and technical assistance, which allows them to start 4-H clubs across the border.

Claudia also supports the UC Davis Global Engagement office in the Guatemala Food for Progress implementation. The project sought to address the needs of smallholder producers, mainly through its support for the rebirth of Guatemala's National Rural Extension System under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food (MAGA).

In her free time, Claudia enjoys volunteering at her local Newman Center and exploring the outdoors. She workouts regularly, and occasionally she plays in her church basketball league to remember her times as a college athlete in Mexico's first division tournaments.

If you want to see the recording of the session, click here

(This session is in Spanish)


October 13.

How to have a successful Vegetable garden at home

Guest speaker: Volunteers from "Jardineros en el Huerto", a project of UC Master Gardeners from Contra Costa County 

Moderator- Ricardo Vela- NOS


October 15. 

The power of a nutritional meal

Guest speakers: Susana Matias Medrano/Nutritional Science & Toxicology/ UC Berkeley and CE Berkeley

Moderator – Ricardo Vela- NOS

About the guest speaker: 

Dr. Susana Matias is a Cooperative Extension Specialist in the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology (NST) at the University of California, Berkeley. She has 10+ years of experience in public health nutrition and a training profile that blends nutrition, epidemiology, and psychology. Her research focuses on food access and its connection with dietary patterns and health. She studies maternal and child nutrition, immigrant health, food security, and obesity and diabetes prevention through nutritional and behavior change. Prior to joining NST, Dr. Matias was an Assistant Project Scientist in the Department of Nutrition at the University of California, Davis.

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